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Moo-ve Over City Life: Discover a Day Trip to Circle N Dairy

Are you looking for an easy and refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? You will be thrilled to discover a delightful day trip destination just a short drive from Denton, TX. Nestled just West of Gainesville, Texas, Circle N Dairy offers a unique farm experience that combines the charm of rural life with the pleasure of fresh dairy products and more.

We recently visited the dairy and had a fun experience that I want to share with you! Let me guide you through a fun-filled day at Circle N Dairy, highlighting the benefits of raw milk, the variety of local goods available at their quaint store, and the simple joy of supporting local artisans.

Where is Circle N Dairy?

Your Circle N Dairy adventure begins with a scenic drive from Denton to Gainesville. The route to 2074 County Road 446 Gainesville, TX 76240 is straightforward and takes about 40 minutes, making it the perfect distance for a day trip.

As you travel, enjoy the changing landscapes that frame the road—vivid green fields and expansive skies that promise a day of relaxation and discovery.

entrance to Circle N Dairy

As you approach the entrance to the dairy, you will see signs with their logo on them letting you know you are in the right place.

A Little Store with Big Delights

At the heart of Circle N Dairy is a charming little store that feels like a step back in time. Here, visitors can browse a selection of goods that include not just dairy products like artisan cheeses, yogurt, milk, and homemade ice cream, but also honey, fresh eggs, and raw meats from their very own Neu Cattle Co.

Circle N Dairy storefront

There is also an assortment of sausages and meats sourced from Hess Market and a variety of handmade items crafted by local artisans.

inside view of Circle N Dairy store

Circle N Ice cream is produced 100% from start to finish at the dairy with minimal ingredients.

Some flavors include: Chocolate, Vanilla, Rocky Road, Strawberry, Banana Pudding, Double Chocolate Fudge, Cookies & Cream, Butterfinger, Chocolate Oreo, Chocolate Strawberry, Chucky Chocolate Mocha, S’mores, Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Bun & Texas Oatmeal Cookie, as well as seasonal flavors & Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

The dairy’s homemade ice cream is a must-try, with flavors that change seasonally, reflecting the local ingredients available.

Their cheeses range from rich, creamy brie to sharp cheddar, each with its unique profile, perfect for taking home or enjoying on a picnic on the farm.

artisan cheeses at Circle N Dairy

The store is also home to delicious homemade items from Donna’s Kitchen, a neighbor to the dairy, and includes a rotation of fresh homemade cinnamon rolls, breads, cookies & more.  Made fresh with no preservatives.  Varieties may vary with the season and include:  

Homemade Kosher Pickles 
Jalapeno Bread & Butter Pickles 
Sweet & Sour Pickled Peppers 
Pickled Green Beans 
Pickled Beets 
Hot Pickled Jalapeno Peppers Spicy Pickled 
Texas Pepper Jelly   
Wild Grape Jelly 
Plum, Wild Plum Jelly 
Peach Jam 
Strawberry Jam 
Chipotle Peach Jam
Peach, Apricot Jams                                  

jellies and jams at Circle N Dairy store

The store open 7 days a week  for your convenience & accept cash, check, or Venmo. They operate on an honor system, allowing you to check out on your own, which adds a quaint touch to the shopping experience.

Supporting Local Artisans

What sets Circle N Dairy apart is its commitment to supporting the local community. The store showcases a diverse array of handmade goods from nearby artisans.

From honey and hand-woven textiles to unique gifts and decor, each item tells a story of craftsmanship and local pride. Purchasing these items not only provides you with a unique souvenir but also contributes to the local economy, supporting the artisans directly.

The Magic of Raw Milk at Circle N Dairy

One of the highlights of Circle N Dairy is their raw milk. Unlike commercial milk, which is pasteurized and homogenized, raw milk is served straight from the cow, packed with natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

fresh raw milk at Circle N Dairy

Many advocates of raw milk believe that it offers health benefits such as improved digestion, better skin health, and increased immune system support.

At Circle N Dairy, a 3rd generation family dairy, started in 1967 they milk the cows twice a day and raise the crops to feed them. you can purchase the freshest milk firsthand, ensuring you of the source of the milk.

Circle N Dairy story

Practical Tips for Your Visit

  • Best Time to Visit: Spring and fall are ideal for enjoying the outdoor elements of the farm without the extreme heat of Texas summers. Formal tours of the actual dairy must be scheduled in advance so contact Michelle at 940-372-0343.
  • What to Bring: Pack a cooler to keep your dairy purchases fresh, bring cash or have Venmo ready for purchases, and don’t forget your camera to capture the picturesque settings.
  • Facilities: There is no public restroom and it’s a good idea to come prepared with snacks and water, especially if you’re traveling with children.

Before you conclude your visit to Circle N Dairy, don’t miss the opportunity to meet the farm’s friendly young cows. These adorable animals are found just outside the store ready to greet visitors.

petting calf

It’s a perfect chance for both adults and children to interact with these super cute gentle calves, offering a full experience of farm life. Petting the cows not only makes for a memorable photo opportunity but also deepens the appreciation for the source of the dairy products you enjoyed throughout the day.

Whether you’re saying hello on your way in or bidding farewell on your way out, these charming bovine residents are sure to add a heartwarming touch to your day trip experience.

petting a calf

Circle N Dairy Day Trip Destination

A day trip to Circle N Dairy offers a refreshing glimpse into the world of sustainable farming and local craftsmanship. It’s a place where you can reconnect with nature, indulge in fresh dairy delights, and bring home unique goods from local artisans.

Whether you’re a family looking for a fun outing, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a solo adventurer, Circle N Dairy promises a memorable experience just a stone’s throw from Denton.

storage at Circle N Dairy

So why not pack your day bag, set your GPS to Circle N Dairy, and prepare for a delightful day in the Texan countryside? It’s an outing that combines the simple pleasures of country life with the satisfaction of supporting local businesses and enjoying products that are made with care and passion.

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