U Pick Blueberry Picking Farm in Edom, TX

If you’re traveling through East Texas and looking for an easy and fun, family-friendly activity, look no further than the u pick blueberry picking farm in Edom, TX. This hidden gem offers an abundance of fresh fruits, delectable treats, and unforgettable experiences.

blueberry hill farms sign

Recently, I shared with you a fun experience at a plantation in Ben Wheeler, TX. On the way there, my daughter-in-law and I made a quick stop at Blueberry Hill Farms in Edom, TX.

Blueberry Hill Farms is a U Pick n’ Edom blueberry and blackberry farm located at 10268 FM 314 in Edom, Texas  75756,

A Berry Good Time

Upon arriving at the blueberry farm, you will see the big red barn with cute little welcoming signs in the front.

To the right of the barn are rows upon rows of blueberry and blackberry bushes.

The lush greenery and the tantalizing sight of ripe blueberries hanging on the vines were simply irresistible.

You can pick your own blueberries by the bushel or purchase them already picked, making it a convenient option for everyone.

U Pick Your Own Blueberries

You can walk up and down the rows of blueberry bushes, armed with a basket, to have your own berry-picking adventure. Picking blueberries makes it even more fun, especially for kids.

touching blueberries on the vine

They will love plucking the juicy blueberries and blackberries right off the vine. It’s a perfect activity to get everyone involved and enjoy nature’s bounty.

holding up a bushel of fresh picked blueberries

U Pick Fresh Blackberries, Too

In addition to blueberries, the farm also boasts fresh blackberries. These juicy berries were a delightful surprise, adding to the variety of our berry-picking experience.

fresh blackberries on the vine

The combination of blueberries and blackberries can make for a colorful and tasty haul.

fresh blackberries in a bushel

When is Blueberry Season?

We lucked out because blueberry season is June-July. The farm is open to the public from 7am-5pm everyday rain or shine including Father’s Day and Fourth of July!

fresh blueberry pints

Delectable Treats and Gourmet Goodies

The farm isn’t just about the fresh fruit; inside the store also offers an array of mouth-watering treats and gourmet goodies.

As we shopped, we discovered a treasure trove of fruit jams, preserves, fruit butters, and honey, all made from the farm’s fresh produce. Here are some of the delightful options we found:

Fresh Fruit Jams, Preserves, Butters, and Honey

  • Variety of Fruit Jams & Preserves: From classic blueberry preserves to unique blends like Fig, Peach, Apricot, Cherry, Blackberry; there was a flavor for every palate. Including blueberry syrup!
blueberry syrup
  • Fruit Butters: The rich and smooth fruit butters, including apple, peach, and plum, were simply irresistible. I even picked up a jar of plum butter spread for my mom’s birthday as it’s her favorite.

You are able to sample any of the fresh fruit spreads you like right in the store.

stuffed bear on top of preserves
  • Local Honey: The farm’s honey, infused with the essence of the berries, added a sweet touch to our purchases. The honey is raw and unpasteurized and oh so good!
jars of raw honey

There were also fresh picked Texas pecans for sale! YUM!

fresh pecans in bags

Blueberry-Themed Treats

We couldn’t resist indulging in the blueberry-themed treats available at the farm’s shop. Here’s a list of the scrumptious goodies we saw:

  • Blueberry Donuts: Freshly made and divine, these donuts were the highlight of our visit. We shared them with a scoop of creamy blueberry ice cream at a picnic table next to the blueberry vines.
  • Blueberry Ice Cream: Rich and creamy, this ice cream was packed with blueberry flavor and perfectly complemented the warm donuts. Soooooo yummy!
  • Blueberry Cake: Moist and bursting with fresh blueberries, the cake looked like a sweet treat we shouldn’t pass up.
  • Blueberry Scones, Muffins, and Pies: Each baked good looked delicious, with the natural sweetness of the blueberries shining through.
  • Highlights included Blueberries’n Cream Pies, Blueberry muffins, Blueberry Frozen yogurt, and Blueberry Lemonade.

A Perfect Picnic Spot

After picking blueberry donuts and of course, blueberry ice cream, we decided to enjoy them outside.

blueberry pastries

The farm has several picnic tables set up near the blueberry bushes, providing a picturesque setting for enjoying your treats.

We savored our freshly made mini donuts and blueberry ice cream, and talked about how we will definitely be going back.

hadley with blueberry ice cream

Bringing Home the Flavors

The best part of our visit was taking home all the farm-fresh flavors in mason jars. From the variety of fruit jams to the smooth fruit butters and local honey, each jar was a little piece of Edom, TX to enjoy later.

These make perfect gifts and reminders of our delightful visit.

Fun for the Whole Family

Visiting the blueberry picking farm in Edom, TX, is more than just an opportunity to gather fresh fruit. It’s a fun-filled activity for the whole family.

family blueberry picking

Kids will love picking berries and exploring the farm, while the adults will appreciate the delicious treats and the chance to relax in a beautiful setting.

What to Wear for Blueberry Picking

If you plan on picking your own berries, make sure that you wear closed toed shoes, a hat, shorts, loose shirt, sunglasses and sunscreen.

blueberry picking

Perfect Stop in East Texas

If you’re traveling through East Texas, this blueberry farm is a must-visit. It’s an enjoyable stop that offers a unique blend of outdoor activity, local produce, and sweet treats.

fresh blueberries from blueberry hill farms

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, the blueberry picking farm in Edom, TX, promises a memorable and delicious adventure.

P.S. I found out that there is also a new winery called Green Goat Winery five miles from the farm, that is OPEN Friday 2:00 pm – 8:00pm and Saturday  12:00pm – 8:00pm.

They have wine tastings and sell bottles of Blueberry and Blackberry wines that are made with Blueberry Hill Farm’s berries!

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